The Hunt and the search for fame


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Okay, so I finished a new story tonight “The Hunt”

Here it is.

“My pride and joy, mounted above the fireplace. It fills me with a sense of accomplishment. I have had an affair with hunting ever since my dad first took me rabbit trapping as a child.

The hunt was good tonight, it always is on a saturday. They get desperate. They need to eat so they all come out, trying to survive another week, instead they just beome easier targets. So simple to just pick one off from the herd. Noone notices, those that do don’t investigate, after all they’re just scavengers.

My newest trophy is quite the spendid piece, well rounded, perky, smooth, pleasing to the eyes and sculpted as if by an artiste. The surgeon did a good job.

The ladies of the night make such a pleasing hunt.


Now that the pleasantries are out of the way with, time to talk, gather round children.

Tomorrow is the first day of recording the demo tracks for my album, it’s also the day I finish my newest art piece. I started thinking today about what I really want to do with my life. I’m sure I’d love to teach but right now this is what I want to do. I want to write, draw, sing, take in life in it’s grandeur breath it in and not let go.

So screw it all, lets get these songs recorded, write some more and enjoy myself. It’s about time I do something for me.

As always… comment yada, yada, yada.

Sleep Tight x


Rose (continued)


So I finished it and now I think of it as a totally totally different piece. It’s odd, I’ve been goinng back through my archives, I found so many stories, drawing and songs that I need to finish or give a facelift and in some cases just forget and leave them there in the vault.

Looking back at the pieces of my life I find it amazing to see how much I have changed and at the same time how much I still am that 15 year old cocky dickhead on the forums who couldn’t even capatalize an I.

It’s been a weird day, aswell as re-drawing my rose I have re-worked some old music. Changing these things I created it’s like re-writing a part of my life.

A new Rose deserves a new Rose. Don't you think?

A new Rose deserves a new Rose. Don’t you think?

So there it is, my new rose to celebrate me becoming my own new Rose.


As always opinons, critiques and questions welcome.Sleep tight x



So I’ve been doing a lot of digging through the archives this week, I’ve found so much stuff (stories, song, art etc) that is fairly well presented but just need finishig. But today I found this. One of my drawings from roughly about 5 years ago.

Wow, I've come a long way

Wow, I’ve come a long way

It’s weird, I know I did drawings that were better than this when I was 10 so why did I do it (and the others of the time) in such a simplistic manner? Did I do it on purpose or did I just forget how I draw for all of a year?

It’s weird, I’ve been going through so much of my past at the minute. Posts to websites, things I created, photos and it’s all left me wondering ‘Who am I?’. I can’t see the reasoning behind some of the things I’ve done, or remember my thought process at the time.

This will be getting re-created, today and it’s going to look so much better than it did back then.


It’s Catching



This was the first story I ever posted to Reddit, it’s still only in draft form, I made the mistake of posting it before it was ready then I made the mistake of deleting the post, the story may not be ready but… It. Wants. To breath.

“What happened last night is playing on my mind, I need to tell someone, to have them understand, please just listen. I guess I’ll start where it makes sense, at the beginning, when I was 5. Better get comfy because this is a long one but I’ll try my best not to bore you with useless details.

I had just moved onto a new estate (where isn’t relevant to the story) it seemed to be a nice area though that didn’t matter much to me, as when I wasn’t at school I was only allowed as far as the back garden, that was where I met them. Well, not in the garden, they were on the other side of the fence.

“Hi there” they giggled in unison, wow I thought looking up at the twin girls in front of me.

“Hi, I’m Rosie” I replied shyly “Who are you?”

“I’m Abby and this is Sharron” one of the girls replied. “Wanna come play with us?”

“I can’t, I’m not allowed out of the garden” I said embarrassed. The girls just giggled and walked away as i sighed to myself.
I saw them a lot over the next few years, the more I saw them the more I learnt. They were four years older than me and lived just across the road from the side of my house. They came from a broken home and had an older sister from their mother’s previous marriage. A few years later I learnt they weren’t actually identical twins, they just looked very much the same and as they aged they looked less and less alike.

When I was 11 I moved next door to them and I couldn’t be happier, 2 months later I was “dating” Abby, I use quotation marks as this was no relationship, she was with my younger brother at the same time and cheating on him with a guy who got her knocked up, she then proceeded to convince him to help her raise the child. Bare in mind he was 10 and she was 15 (I mean what the fuck, right?).

Abby aborted the baby and we didn’t particularly see much of Leah, on the occasions we did she was usually trying to beat up me, my brother or my cousin.

Over the years we saw Abby less and Leah even less frequently, one day she eventually just disappeared. That was until last night.

At this point I feel I should mention my brother disappeared two years ago (we heard rumours that he was hiding at an old girlfriend’s to avoid a drug dealer he was in debt with) and my cousin became a drug addled recluse refusing to talk to the family at all. Recently he was sent to jail on a manslaughter charge, I initially believed his innocence… not anymore. Back to last night.

I was at my local with the guys, it was open mic night and I always try to make an appearance. It’s free drinks for the artists who play so at this point I was fairly drunk and decided it was about time I head home. After saying my farewells I left the tavern and was on my way.

Being as drunk as I was I stopped in an alley to erm… relieve myself, as I zipped up I heard movement behind me, sobering up from fear of a fine I turned around to see someone standing at the end of the alley watching.

“Do I know you?” she said dryly, almost as if it were a joke.

I recognised her instantly, over the years both of the twins had steadily become less attractive but more distinct, her bleach blonde hair and poor make-up skill had not changed. “We used to live next door to each other. Hi Leah.”

“Actually, it’s Abby” again, in that emotionless but somehow jovial tone.

I heard movement from behind me “please Leah, that old trick hasn’t worked since I was nine.” I responded, suddenly overcome with a gripping sense of impending doom.

“Yeah that’s him, Tom” she almost screamed it, instinctively I drove my elbow behind me feeling it find his throat, I smiled when I heard his skull crunch as it hit the ground, at the time I didn’t understand why I was smiling, I guess I was much more innocent yesterday.

I saw the needle in Leah’s hand as she drove it down towards me but reacting fast I caught her wrist, I pulled her close. “Why?” I asked as I placed the needle in her neck and watched her lose consciousness.

“Morning Leah. Or would you prefer Abby. I trust you enjoyed your sleep.”

“What?” she said wearily, no doubt still recovering from whatever drug it was she had planned for me.

“Still tired are we?”

“Huh? Where the FUCK am I?” Getting angry now, probably realising that last night had not gone to plan.

“You don’t recognise it?” I taunted, gesturing for her to look around the room with what movement she had left in her neck. “After all, wasn’t it you who decorated this room for me?” Again gesturing to the plastic covered walls and furniture, “Wasn’t it your pocket I found the address for this flat in?” I spoke slowly and clearly. She laughed at this point. “What’s so funny?” I asked.

“You don’t get it do you?” I looked at her quizzically and I swear to god she almost squealed in delight “It’s catching” almost a whisper.

“You’re messed up” I sighed “I just want to know one thing and then I’ll let you go. Why me?” She laughed. I cut into her cheek with the scalpel she had left out to be used on me. “Last chance” I warned.

“Okay, but something tells me you won’t let me live when I’m done” she exhaled. “It started shortly after I met you, one of your cats had crept into my garden one night, as I felt it’s neck snap under the pressure of my heel I felt something I had never felt before. Growing up we never had pets so I practiced my new addiction on yours, starting with the rabbits” my mum had told me they died from the cold “eventually stealing one of your dogs” she let out shrill laughter at this point “I even cooked his meat into a fucking *pie* and fed him to your parents. As I grew I eventually found forums dedicated to murder, ofcourse on the front they were claiming to be fictitious accounts, a place for practicing writing. That’s where I met Tom” I interjected at this point.


“The guy you killed. Anyway, my first human victim was your precious brother, I killed him and I made your cousin watch.” She smiled at this. “I came for you because I decided it was about time I got myself the full collection.”

At this point I leaned over her, I kissed her forehead, “by the way,” I kissed her eyelids, “when I told you I’d let you go,” I kissed her cheeks, “I lied.” I kissed her lips “I love you.”

I won’t go into much detail over what happened next. What I will tell you, reader, is that murder is contagious. I’ll see you soon.

I love you x”

I plan on ‘finishing’ this story this week. I’ve been meaning too for a while but never got round to it. Enjoy.

Opions, critiques and questions welcome.

Sleep tight x

The Monster Least Feared


My first story posted to Reddits r/short scary, short and to the point.

It was surprisingly well recieved. They seem to be the sort of community that only pays real attention the regular posters so I must have got something right with this one.

I’ve been posting there for a while now and I guess without it I wouldn’t be so focused right now on getting creative.

“She laughed as the man in the mask removed her spleen.

“What’s so funny” he enquired.

“The monster behind you has a lovely smile” she smirked.

Neither man nor beast made it out of that room.


There ya have it folks, my first sss and my first blog.

Opions, critiques and questions welcome.

Sleep tight x